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1. How Can Tourism Drive Economic Recovery Post-COVID-19?

  • Is sustainable community-based tourism still viable, given current economic realities? 
  • How can governments ensure that tourism contributes to the economic well-being of rural communities generally and Indigenous communities more specifically?
  • How does tourism link to forestry, agriculture, culture and other tools for sustainable development?

2. Which Tourism Experiences Will be Feasible for Communities and Attractive to Visitors Post-COVID-19?

  • How can Indigenous communities, given their roles as environmental and land stewards, respond to the increasing demand for nature-based and wellness tourism?
  • How can communities use technology to drive interest and market demand?
  • How can communities use technology to create new virtual experiences?

3. How Can Indigenous Communities Create Partnerships and Access Financing?

  • Financial inclusion and literacy for Indigenous communities
  • How can Indigenous communities structure partnerships to meet their funding needs?
  • How can policymakers support funding needs?

4. How Can Indigenous Communities Protect their Intellectual and Cultural Property?

  • What are the challenges that Indigenous communities face as they work to retain their intellectual and cultural property?
  • How have communities successfully dealt with these challenges under various circumstances?
  • How have communities been robbed of their intellectual property in the past and how can we use those lessons looking forward?

5. How Can Communities Plan to Re-open Post COVID-19?

  • What guidelines and resources can communities rely on as they plan for safe reopening?
  • How can Indigenous communities ensure that outsiders respect their guidelines for health and safety?
  • How can leaders prepare community members for reopening?
  • How can community members organize around reopening and recovery?

6. How are governments supporting Indigenous Tourism?

  • Does the government’s for Indigenous and rural sustainable development address tourism specifically? If so, how?
  • What is your government doing to provide financial support to Indigenous communities—in terms of loans and grants and other financial arrangements?
  • How is your government helping communities to develop their tourism infrastructure?
  • How has assistance changed since the start of COVID?
  • Is there an individual or committee within the ministry specifically assigned to deal with Indigenous sustainable development and tourism?
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